We had no ventilation in our bathroom.

When we redid the master bathroom in our bedroom, we knew we were going to have a royal mess.

The first thing we noticed about that bathroom was that there wasn’t a ventilation system.

I asked the realtor about the lack of ventilation in the bathroom. She told me that most people would just open the window and let the odors and steam out the window. I asked what they did when winter arrived because there wasn’t any heating or air conditioning? She kind of shrugged and said that I could always purchase a ventilation fan that had heating and air conditioning. That was the first thing my husband and I tackled. We had already planned on remodeling the bathroom. We wanted to put new tiles on the floor and in the shower. We picked out all new fixtures and then we found a ventilation fan kit that matched the rest of the bathroom. The only thing I wanted was a ventilation fan that was quiet and energy efficient. The ventilation fan also had LED lights, heating and air conditioning. I couldn’t believe I could do everything I wanted for my bathroom, by purchasing one unit. Once we had the ventilation system installed, we didn’t need to worry about odors, mold, mildew, or steam building up in our new bathroom. I sat back and looked at our new bathroom. I loved the new ventilation system. I turned it on several times hoping that it would be just as quiet every time. I stood there smiling when I realized the lights were going to work and I would have heating and air conditioning any time I called for it.


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