The smart thermostat was an excellent choice.

I had been fighting my old dial thermostat for almost ten years now.

I have never liked that thermostat and I was forever cursing it for one reason or another.

It stuck out like a sore thumb, both literally and figuratively. There was nothing about that thermostat that matched the rest of the house. It stuck out enough that whenever I went by, I would snag my sweater or sleeve on it. I would then end up with the air conditioning on in the winter, or the heat on in the summer. That is not what you want; you can trust me on that. I finally decided it was time for a new thermostat. I called the HVAC company and told them I wanted the newest and most up to date thermostat they had in stock. They brought me a smart thermostat and showed me the app for my phone and my tablet. I realized the smart thermostat was the coolest thing I had ever bought for myself. I am able to click on the app on my phone and check to see what my HVAC system was doing. I could turn off the heating and air conditioning in the rooms that weren’t in use. I didn’t even need to be home to do this. I can’t remember when I could say my house felt more comfortable in my home thanks to the smart thermostat. It is so much fun playing with the thermostat while at work. It is even nicer to know that if there is a problem with my heating and air conditioning, I can spot the problem before it becomes a major repair.



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