It was tough getting through the frosty season without heat in my automobile this year

I’m honestly thankful that it’s finally spring and much warmer outside. Our nippy season was recognizably terrible this year. The group of us had record lows in December and the whole country was completely slammed by a series of dire ice and snow storms that even brought low hot and cold temperatures to the southern states. The people in the South lost power for weeks at a time when a vast majority of the grid went down during the worst of the ice storms. I never ended up losing my power because I live up north and our power grid here was built to deal with such brutal conditions. However, that doesn’t mean that things were entirely simple for myself and others this year. My hours were cut back at my task and I had to limit my budget even more than usual as I was already skipping meals every day. When the heating equipment in my automobile actually stopped working, I didn’t have the money to have it repaired. And I knew I likely wouldn’t have the money again until later that year towards the end of the hot season. Our nippy seasons are fairly dire in this region, as this last year we had lows down to 10 degrees below zero. Making an attempt to drive around in this brutal weather without heat in your automobile is not very uncomfortable to say the least. There is already a serious risk from driving in the snowy and icy conditions in the event you fly off the road and get buried in a snow drift. But if you have no source of actual heating in your car, these accidents are pretty much guaranteed to be deadly. Needless to say I had a completely miserable time this year driving around in hot and cold temperatures below zero without any heating coming from my heater in my car.


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