Was challenge to get through the Winter time separate from heat in my car this year

I’m actually thankful that it’s finally May and completely hot outside.

Our cold season was recognizably horrible this year.

The bunch of us had record lows in January and the whole country was slammed by a series of extreme ice and snow storms that even brought low uneven temperatures to the southern states. People down south lost power for weeks at a time when a good amount of the grid went down during the worst of the ice storms. I never ended up losing my power because I live up north and our power grid here was built to deal with those conditions. However, that doesn’t actually mean that things were straight-forward for me this year. My hours were totally cut back at my job and I had to limit my budget even further as I was already skipping meals regularly. When the heating appliance in my car quit working, I didn’t have the currency to service it. And I knew I likely wouldn’t have the currency again until later that year towards the end of the hot season. Our cold seasons are extreme in this region, as this past year every one of us had lows down to 10 degrees below zero. Attempting to drive around in this weather separate from heating working in your car is truly uncomfortable. There is already a serious risk from driving in the snowy and icy conditions in the event you get tossed off the road and buried in a snow drift. But if you have no source of heat in your car, these accidents are basically guaranteed to be fatal. Needless to say I had a miserable time this year driving around in uneven temperatures below zero separate from any heating working in my car.


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