Rats inside of the ductwork

While it’s relatively common for homeowners to discover a rat, mouse, or other small rodent has passed away in their ductwork, it’s not a pleasant experience in the slightest.

Often, it will leave you with a horrible smell as well as mess to clean up. Even though the critter died in your ductwork, the smell will easily seep into your dwelling as well as cause your entire dwelling to smell horrible. While it’s best to have this type of situation handled by a professional, there are some things you can do in the event a small critter dies in your ductwork. The only way to determine where a critter died in your basement, attic, crawlspace, or ductwork is to follow the scent. If you are able to see the critter with your eyes, you can proceed with removing it. If you don’t see it instantly, you may need to consider hiring a professional to search for a disposal of the critter. Animals commonly crawl into nooks or dark corners, or even into the insulation to die, making it pretty strenuous to find. Once it’s been located as well as handled, you should wash the space to get rid of the smell as well as clean the area. One thing you should do after all of this is to have an inspection of your HVAC appliance as well as ductwork to learn how the critter was able to enter your ductwork. It’s crucial to figure this out to prevent another critter from getting into the ductwork, as well as also increase efficiency of your HVAC appliance! You may also want to consider having your ducts professionally cleaned. Though this issue can be taken care of on your own, you can see why it may be helpful as well as even necessary to hire a professional to come in as well as assist you with the drawback.


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