Heating and A/C tech shows up in the middle of my quiz

For the past year I have been educating myself online.

By that, I mean that I have enrolled in an online Masters program in my field of Interest.

However, I can tell you that doing your school online can be undoubtedly challenging sometimes. I never knew how tough it would be to take quizzes and tests on the computer. The major challenge is using a proctor service to make sure that you are not cheating when you are taking your exams, but unfortunately, you can’t control everything in your environment to make your proctor happy. I found this out the hard way when my heating, cooling, and air quality system made me fail my last exam. Let me explain… One day I noticed that my indoor air quality control proposal was not producing the warm, dry air that I would expect from my forced air furnace. I began trying to figure out what was going on with my heating proposal despite the fact that I did not have much time. I was about to begin an exam so I rapidly called my heating, cooling, and air quality control dealership and recommended an appointment for the next morning. I have no problem living without my heating unit for the night and I did not want my heating and cooling specialist to accidentally interrupt my exam. Unfortunately, that is exactly what happened! My normal indoor air conditions control specialist had an empty slot in their day appointments and decided to stop by for my Heating and A/C repair early. They continually rang my doorbell until I had to abandon my test and let the air quality control specialist inside. The proctor was not understanding, and I failed my test.


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