Should You Invest in Dual Fuel Heat Pump System

When I recently had an HVAC consultant come out to my house to help me figure out what kind of heating and cooling system to get, I was a little surprised when he told me I should consider a dual fuel heat pump HVAC system.

First of all, I never understood heat pumps.

Apparently, they somehow magically know where the hot air is, and they move it from one place to the other. One thing I have known all along is that a lot of people in my area who chose heat pumps as their heating and cooling method are often disappointed on the bitter cold days we sometimes get. True, the thermostat does not dip really low for a really long time. I mean, we are in the south, after all, but we do sometimes have quite a bit of cold during the winter months, and when you need a heater, you need a heater to work efficiently. Anyway, I told the HVAC guy told me that they have improved HVAC technology and nowadays you can get what is called a dual fuel heat pump so your furnace does not let you down during the harsh winter winds we sometimes have. If it is too cold outside, the heat pump cannot locate enough heat in the outdoor air, so that is why people are often unhappy about their heaters around here. Now, though, there is something called a dual fuel heating system. On regularly cold days, the HVAC finds and moves the heated air. On bitter cold days, a backup fuel system kicks in and the HVAC system provides heating without relying on locating the heat in the outside air or ground. I am still thinking about it.

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