Need some flu symptom relief

I have pollen irritations.

I didn’t have any issue when I lived up north.

The freezing didn’t bother me and the pollen in the air was okay too. Now that I live down south, I am a mess. I carry tissues in my pocket at all times. I am frequently stuffed up, sniffling or have a runny nose. I also sneeze, cough, have an itchy mouth, watery eyup and all the other flu symptom symptoms. I have learn online on what to do and nothing has legitimately helped. I changed from a basic air filter to a HEPA 1. It is supposed to catch more dust going into the Heating & Air Conditioning device and make the indoor air quality cleaner. I have gotten ductwork cleaning and I keep my house honestly clean. I also take flu symptom medicine. I found that a lot of people request getting an whole-house air purifier. I found that I could go cheap and get a portable air purification system that just sits in my room. That would be kind of nice to not have issues while I work or sleep… However, the portable air purification systems are ugly, immense and need to be plugged in. I don’t legitimately want people seeing that on video calls. I found that air purification plans that install in the Heating & Air Conditioning device need to be in the ductwork. They require yearly maintenance and air filter fluctuations too. They also are quite costly. I am not sure what to do now. What is my best option? I don’t legitimately want the work of a whole current home air purification system however I want the benefits.
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