What is great air quality?

Some people often wonder what exactly great air quality is. This is an age old question that many people can not really give a straight answer to! Good and great air quality are two different things and sometimes it is just a matter of opinion. But at the end of the day, good air quality is when there are no germs, viruses or major bacteria in your air quality. Great air quality is when everything is just so perfect it is like living on mountain air. That is my take on the difference between good and great air quality. However, some people will argue with me on that. Air quality these days is a tough subject to discuss with anyone. It’s not simple like talking about heating and air conditioning products or even talking about heating and air conditioning repair. When it comes to HVAC business related things, those are pretty straight forward and the answers are right in your face with no debate ever needed. But indoor and outdoor air quality is a totally different story. Sometimes one could have great indoor air quality, while the outdoor air quality where they live is absolutely horrible. This is where things like whole home air purification systems and even portable air purification systems come in. When you live in an area that is drenched with bad outdoor air quality, having one of these different types of air purification systems can keep you safe while in your home from all bacteria, germs and viruses. Especially UV air purifiers.


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