Finally can get the ductwork cleaned

I have been waiting to call for ductwork cleaning for almost five months now.

I decided to renovate my master bathroom.

I totally gutted the space. I ripped down drywall, sledgehammered cement and sanded in that very room. Needless to say, tons of dust started flying around. I kept telling myself there was no point to cleaning my bedroom or hiring ductwork cleaning until the job was done. The renovation project took forever. Everything seemed to require more effort than expected. The window I purchased was the wrong size, I didn’t have enough grout, I ruined all my greenboard. You get the picture. I have finally gotten to a point where I just need to add little touches that won’t make a mess. I need a vanity light, mirror and to get some new towels. Other than that, the master bathroom is done. I have celebrated by already cleaning my room. The walls were washed, carpets steamed and I cleaned all my linens. It was a mess in there. I have a ductwork cleaning appointment and I couldn’t be more excited. I have noticed my air quality is bad. The moment my HVAC system turns on, I begin sneezing. I also have seen dust on my surfaces frequently. That means there is dust lingering in my HVAC equipment. A good cleaning is going to fix all these issues and make me feel better. It will be the cherry on top too. When the ductwork is cleaned, I will know that I am no longer gutting a bathroom.

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