Someone poured water into our HVAC ducts

Someone poured water into our HVAC ducts when the two of us were not home.

I was at work, plus our evil acquaintance came over plus dumped water into our central a/c plus then into our HVAC ducts.

When I arrived home, there were leaks in several of the walls plus ceilings of our home where water had leaked out of the HVAC ducts plus into the drywall! Since I had used our smart control component to turn our central a/c on while I was away, the water in the central a/c started an electrical fire in the a/c that almost ruined it. I was so frustrated about this plus didn’t understand how this could happen. I secretly got cameras set up outside of our central a/c, outdoor HVAC duct opening, plus by our hot water boiler heating plan in our basement so that if the guy tried doing it again, they would get caught. Sure enough, our acquaintance once again poured water into our central a/c plus HVAC ducts, plus mixing in exhausting odoring plus gross water with our hot water boiler’s water so that when I turned our furnace on a exhausting odor would come out. For safety, I had turned off our central a/c plus furnace plus made sure our smart control component would warn myself and others through our cell iphone when it detected a problem. This time our acquaintance was caught plus was forced to pay for our central a/c, HVAC ducts, dry wall, plus even our hot water boiler gas furnace.

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