Our HVAC component was blowing out too much air

Our HVAC component was blowing out too much air plus it was kicking up dust in our home.

I had only had our central a/c plus furnace for a few months when this started happening.

I would use our smart control component to set the fan on low, but when the central a/c turned on, it would still blow out air so suddenly it was adore a fan was blowing through the entire house. The papers in our office would fly everywhere. I went on our laptop to an online HVAC website to see if I could find out what was wrong with our central a/c plus maybe repair it myself without having to call an HVAC professional. I searched plus searched, although I knew I would not be able to repair the HVAC ducts or central a/c on our own. It could be our furnace that was the concern for all I knew. I offered in plus called the heating plus cooling supplier plus asked them if they could send myself and others an a/c expert. The soonest they could get an HVAC professional to our house wasn’t for several afternoons later, which was tragic. For those several afternoons it was scorching hot outside, plus I was forced to turn our central a/c on. I did what I had tried before. I went to the smart control component plus set the central a/c on a low fan, but it didn’t work plus sent air rushing through our home. The papers in our office were scattered plus disorganized. For the next 2 afternoons I had to deal with this obnoxious central a/c, plus in the night when it got actually cold, our hot water boiler heating plan would do the same thing.

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