Our window air conditioner fell out of the window.

Our window air conditioner fell out of the window and smashed the hood of my new car.

  • I had been shopping for hours in several different heating and cooling businesses looking for the perfect window air conditioner to fit in the large window in my room.

I love the steady sound of a window air conditioner when I am sleeping, and my last air conditioner had died and it was time to purchase a new one. I finally found a window air conditioner I thought would fit perfectly into the window. When I arrived at home and installed the window air conditioner into the window, I was a little concerned because it was a little bit small for the window, but I was so intrigued by the fact that this new window air conditioner could connect to my smart thermostat that I didn’t even worry or think that the air conditioner could fall out of the window, to my horror, that evening when I was sleeping peacefully, my new window air conditioner fell out of the window and onto my new car. The air conditioner landed on the heating and cooling system of my car and destroyed it. I was so sad. Luckily I purchased the warranty from the heating and cooling business so they gave me a new window air conditioner. I had to take my car to a shop where they had an HVAC technician fix the air conditioner and heating system in my car as well as fix the huge dent on the hood. I ended up getting a portable air conditioner instead of trying to get the window air conditioner to stay.

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