My cat got stuck in my air ducts

My poor cat got stuck in my home’s air ducts for several hours.

It all happened when my cat, named Sammy, escaped out of the house and we were chasing him trying to catch him.

For some reason, Sammy found refuge in our central air conditioner. Luckily I had gone to the smart thermostat beforehand and turned off the central air conditioner or Sammy would have been killed. I don’t know how he did it, but he somehow managed to get into the air ducts of the central air conditioner and get stuck. He is a pretty fat cat so at one point in the air ducts he must have thought he could fit but found out he was wrong. I heard him scratching and snarling in the air ducts and was concerned for him. We tried to get him out of the air ducts ourselves, but were unsuccessful. We had to call the heating and cooling company and ask them for advice. The heating and cooling company sent us an experienced HVAC technician immediately, and he arrived shortly. The HVAC technician had dealt with a situation like this before, and he used special heating and cooling equipment to get Sammy out of the air ducts. To this day we still see the HVAC technician as a superhero. When Sammy was out I went to the smart thermostat and turned it back on to make sure nothing was damaged in the air conditioner during the extraction. When the central air conditioner turned on, cat hair came flying through the air ducts and into my house.

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