ReUSble oil furnace filters work well

Our mobile home oil furnace is easily strange.

Our oil furnace specialists said it was easily made in a foreign country plus installed into the apartment from the warehouse.

They have never heard of the company before. That fact does not keep our oil furnace specialists from doing an excellent job plus keeping our oil furnace running. True, they do need to special order almost any parts it needs but they still manage to keep it toiling. The greatest problem I have had with the oil furnace, however, is the fact that it is almost impossible to find oil furnace filters that fit it. I was lucky because I found a location online that sold the right size oil furnace filters for me, then however, recently they stopped stocking them. I started looking again plus simply couldn’t find anything. Finally, I came across reUSble filters that should fit. Apparently some reUSble filters can be split to size. That is not tscheme for all of them but this 1 filter company happens to carry reUSble filters that can be cut. I ended up ordering 2 of them just in case I messed up with cutting the first 1. This turned out to be a perfect plan. I used an old, dirty filter as a template plus I split the reUSble filter. I was unquestionably able to get 2 reUSble filters out of just 1. So now I unquestionably have 4 reUSble filters. Since I can reuse these oil furnace filters for years to come I don’t think I need so many. Oh well. At least now I don’t have to worry about finding more filters every few months.
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