There are spiders in the ductwork!

Both of us don’t use our Heating and A/C idea a whole lot.

I guess we are lucky to live in an area with actually temperate rapidly changing temperatures.

Most of the time we stay sizzling enough with just a space oil furnace in the residing room in the winter. In the summer, we usually just open the windows as well as turn on the ceiling fans. However, there are a few weeks of the year where we do need central heat or air, then last week was a single of those weeks, and before turning on the cooling system I decided to take a look at the filter. After all, our air filter hadn’t been changed in over 6 weeks. I pulled the air filter out as well as abruptly dropped it because there was a big, hairy spider on it. The spider scampered away as well as I went to upgrade the filter when 2 more crucial spiders came out of the ductwork. I knew it was time to call up the Heating and A/C professionals. I don’t want spiders raining down on us from the vents when I turn on the cooling system. The Heating and A/C specialists did a ductwork cleaning as well as an Heating and A/C tune-up. After that I was able to use my cooling system safely. I guess we really should use it more often just to make sure nothing else starts residing in our ductwork. Besides, the specialists said it is healthy for the equipment to run a little more often. Maybe this year I will turn on the fan option instead of using the ceiling fan. In winter, we can use the heat at a low setting instead of using a space heater. After all, that is what the Heating and A/C idea is there for. Both of us might as well use it.


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