I thought it was unusual to develop dust irritations so suddenly

I thought it was easily unusual when I started developing what seemed enjoy dust irritations. I never had dust irritations before however I started having itchy eyup & breathing problems. The crazy thing about these sudden dust irritations or whatever they were was that it seemed to be only getting worse. The only times when I felt better was when I would go outside for some fresh air. I came to realize that the air quality outside was so much better than in my home, and something else dawned on myself and others too, & that was the fact that if I was experiencing dust irritations, they would entirely be even worse outside, not indoors. This made myself and others realize that it wasn’t an dust sensitivity issue at all, but something else that turned out to be easily bad for my health. I had an HVAC professional come out to look at my HVAC system & there were several things wrong. First of all, I was using cheap air filters that were not helping the HVAC system easily well. There was hardly any filtration & my HVAC duct system was overrun by mold growth, but on top of all the mold that was growing, the HVAC duct system was entirely clogged with dust & debris. I was officially breathing in all these contaminants into my lungs & it was causing my breathing problems. I had the HVAC duct cleaned & sanitized by the HVAC professionals. I also had a UV media air cleaner installed. I was told the UV light would work to kill any mold spores that got into the HVAC duct & I wouldn’t have to worry about mold growth any longer, so long as I kept up with the HVAC duct cleaning. I can’t suppose how much better I suppose now.


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