It wasn’t smart to neglect my HVAC but I didn’t know any better

I’ll tell you from experience that if you choose to leave your HVAC in the dust, it will treat you the same way.

  • With my HVAC system, I rarely would change the air filters.

This caused my air filters to get clogged up really bad and the HVAC system struggled. Dust was getting everywhere and my ductwork system also became clogged up with dust and debris. Finally I had to do something when my air quality was so terrible that it was hard to breathe in my house. I was also developing breathing complications and it was definitely time to do something about this issue in my home. When I had the HVAC professionals out to my home, they said it was the worst neglected HVAC system they had seen for a long time. They explained to me that it was absolutely imperative that I have the air filters changed regularly and I had to call up the HVAC professionals for regular tune-ups before the peak seasons. This was a crucial lesson for me because I learned how much damage I was causing just by not changing the air filter. I knew that you were supposed to change the air filters regularly, but I didn’t understand how important they were to the functionality of the HVAC system. With all that blocked air flow, it will cause your system to overheat and much damage will be caused. This was the case with my HVAC and the repairs were extremely costly. Now I am on an HVAC service plan and I have all of my HVAC needs covered by the professionals.


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