Crime is never worth it

There had been a major robbery from a local HVAC company not so long ago.

It was said that it was a ton of window A/C units that were taken.

It made sense to me because they were expensive window A/C units and they were small enough to pack up into a getaway van. I just wondered how the crooks were able to bypass the security system of the HVAC company. They seemed to have a relatively high tech security system with camera surveillance and everything. It was a mystery for awhile until recently when I had an HVAC technician over to work on my cooling system. He said he was going to need to pick up some additional parts and he offered to sell me some window A/C units, the same types that were stolen from the HVAC company. I ended up buying the window A/C units from the guy for a surprisingly cheap price, and they worked well to keep my house cool until he was able to repair my A/C system with the parts that he ordered. Later on I had the owner of the HVAC company come out and I told him how the HVAC worker sold me those window A/C units. It was as I suspected, the professional was not supposed to be selling me window A/C units and there wasn’t even a record of the sale. It was discovered that this HVAC professional helped some friends break into the HVAC company to steal the costly HVAC equipment. They all ended up getting caught and put in jail.


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