The A/C at the Vet Hospital is amazing

I have the cutest dog ever; she is just a mutt that I got from the shelter, but I simply adore her.

I chose one of the most long-standing vets in the area to go to even though he is one of the costliest vets in town also.

Shortly after I started going there, I discovered he was building a new place and it was to be a full blown vet hospital. Luckily for me, it is much closer to my house, and in fact, they are in the building that used to belong to my daughter’s dentist when she was a little girl. Anyway, I have now been to the new place, and it is absolutely amazing. Everything there is high tech, from the scales to the surgery rooms to the HVAC. I noticed right off the bat that there was absolutely no smell. Even people hospitals stink like urine and cleaners, but the vet hospital is amazing. I mentioned it, and the vet proceeded to brag like crazy all about it. It turns out he got the latest in HVAC technology. I didn’t understand half of what he was talking about, but he sure was proud of his heating and cooling. He was talking about humidifiers and dehumidifiers. He was talking about ductless this and smart thermostats that. He has an app on his phone, apparently, so that he can even control the HVAC when he is not there. The reason there is no smell in his place all revolves around the a/c air filters and he was talking about the fact that he has HVAC with zone control, a/c sensors in various places, and all kinds of stuff. I figure he probably spent a pretty penny on all that HVAC technology, but at least it is doing the job.
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