Working with a Dog Trainer

I have a dog that I love tremendously, but she has her little quirks. The shelter said she tolerates other dogs, but I have been afraid to let her get around them. I have been working with a dog trainer, and she has been helpful in some ways. She also has a boarding facility for dogs, and I find the place amazing. There is a lot of land, but the amazing part is the building. There are two buildings, actually, and they serve different purposes. There is a kennel that has individual areas for individual dogs, and there is a house-like building that simulates a real house but isn’t. The HVAc systems are incredible. She has HVAc with zone control in the house building, and that way the a/c or heater only goes on if there is a dog in a room amazes me. I asked her about it one time and she explained that she has a/c sensors on the a/v vents, and if they don’t detect movement, the air conditioning doesn’t go on in there. The kennel HVAC is amazing, but it is good because it has some ultra whole house humidifier or a/c filtration system or something. She could have 10 dogs in there, but there would be no odor at all! Now that’s what I call good air conditioning. It’s not only good for heating and cooling, but it is also good for getting rid of smells. I think I am learning more about stuff from the dog trainer than my dog is, especially when it comes to HVAC technology.

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