Need a way to get fresh air inside

None of our windows open in the house, but the windows were legitimately built with the home and I figured out, built into the house.

I would have to unlink the siding in order to rip out the window; So that means if I want new windows, I have to buy from a dealer and have them install it.

I have a lot of windows in our home. I also have a lot of giant windows too. So the cost of the whole task would be so much money. It makes myself and others sick to our stomach even thinking about it, however, I don’t think I can go on without being able to open our windows, then right now our bestie requires our Heating and Air Conditioning equipment to run 24/7. In the Winter it is heating and in the summer time it is heavy cooling. It circles the same, stale air over and over again. Have you learn any stats on air quality? The indoor air is so much more polluted than the outdoor air. I also own a animal and he uses litter. That is a lot of smells, hair and dust that is going into our ductwork and coming back out again. I don’t need an air purification system, I just need some fresh air. There are months at a time that would be great with fresh air only. I wouldn’t need to run the Heating and Air Conditioning and I could save some money. I also would get cleaner air moving through the home and adding freshness. Right now our bestie and I leave our front door open. That just lets in bugs though.

a/c representative