Giving the Heating plus A/C closet a facelift

I have given my Heating plus A/C closet a facelift, and first I attacked how the closet looked on the outside, it was an outdated bifold door plus when you opened it up it showed a water oil gas furnaces plus Heating plus A/C unit, then the door I entirely took my time with.

I ripped out the bifold plus sanded the door down, my hallway has half wood walls. The top half is drywall that is painted grey plus the bottom is painted white wood. My Heating plus A/C closet door now is smooth painted grey on top plus white mesh at the bottom. I need some opening to allow the air the heating plus cooling equipment produces to leave. The white mesh blends right in with the wood walls too. I also sprung plus got all the hallway doors plus current handles. The Heating plus A/C closet I bought substantial silver knobs that look truly classy. The door is now super cute plus begging to be opened. Inside. I then scrapped the popcorn ceiling plus painted. I retiled under the water oil furnace plus Heating plus A/C. I then painted the walls white to clean it up. I can’t entirely do anything with the water oil furnace plus Heating plus A/C component. I just have to deal with it. To make it multi-purpose though, I added some storage elements. I have a wall mounted vacuum, broom plus mop. I also wedged a basket between my water oil furnace plus Heating plus A/C device. I even added some shelves to hold cleaning products. It makes the Heating plus A/C plus water oil furnace less noticeable with the other stuff in there.


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