The air conditioner stopped working in my truck

The air conditioner completely stopped working in my truck, plus I was pretty disappointed, i have an aged truck that I use for work.

I work for a logging dealer, plus most of my task requires me to use my truck to haul stuff.

I get paid for using my truck, plus since it is a beat-up truck, I don’t mind using it for this kind of work. The truck had a nice air conditioner, so whenever I would get the wood loaded so that I could give it to someone, I would be able to turn on the air conditioner plus cool down while I was driving to a weird location. I was so surprised that the air conditioner was still working in that truck even though the truck was entirely old. I remember mentioning to my boss that the air conditioner still worked. I shouldn’t have said anything, because just a few nights after bragging that the air conditioner still worked, the air conditioner completely stopped working. I tried recharging the air conditioner, however it didn’t work. I decided to take it to a mechanic to see if I could get the air conditioner fixed, however when I talked to the mechanic, he provided me a high price for the air conditioner. The price for getting the air conditioner fixed was really more than the truck was worth at its age. I decided not to get the air conditioner fixed. I still work with the truck, however driving is no longer as nice plus unbelievable as it used to be before the air conditioner stopped working.

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