Commercial property sales can be a good way to make currency

My dad started investing in property when he was 21 years old.

He did not guess the first thing about investment and capital or rental fees and leases.

He got a small settlement from the state after an accident involving a town bus. The accident left our dad in the hospital for 3 weeks. My dad used the currency to buy a small commercial property with fourcorporation offices. My dad taught me everything that I guess about real estate investment and commercial property sales. When I was old enough to walk and talk, our dad took me everywhere. When I was 18 years old, our dad bought me a piece of commercial property. I used that commercial property as collateral so I could buy several other pieces of commercial property, however now I own more than 40 bizarre parcels of land around the region. I am a multi-millionaire with houses in several bizarre states. Most recently, I sold a 400 acre ploy of land to a commercial investor. The guy is going to turn the location into a home and house complex with lots of fun amenities adore a large in-ground pool and a fire pit. I bought the large tract of land for a truly low price, but I sold that piece of property 5 years later to the commercial investor for 120 million dollars. My dad is honestly proud of our accomplishments. He constantly tells me that I am his best protege. I thank our dad everyday for buying me that small piece of priority. It was our ticket to the real estate world.



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