Great HVAC contractor really makes a difference

If someone asks me my opinion on whether or not to buy or build a house, I answer carefully.

I have done both.

We bought our family home 25 years ago when we were starting our family. That house had to have some basic renovations like the kitchen appliances and the HVAC. But beyond that, the place was really great. Of course, we did stuff like paint and change out flooring through the years. But we never really had to get into a serious project. In fact, when we sold it, we replaced the HVAC again and updated the kitchen. That’s all it took and we got our asking price. And this is when we decided to take on a home building project. Since the kids were all grown and it would just be me and my wife, we figured a small house wouldn’t be a nightmare to build. We were sort of right and sort of wrong. Initially, the build went fine and we could relax in the comfort of our new HVAC in our old house. The general contractor we hired was great with all the structural stuff. However, he really started cutting corners with the subcontractors he was hiring. This ended up in a confrontation that led us to do the choosing of the subs and he did the planning of the work. Thankfully, we found some good people to so important work. One of the best we found was the HVAC contractor. He executed our HVAC plans perfectly. The work this HVAC contractor did was so good that this is the best HVAC heating & cooling comfort I have ever experienced.


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