New addition gets its own HVAC

Like many, many others, my wife and I have had to get really creative when it comes to making ends meet.

It’s not like we lived anywhere near extravagant before.

But we were able to make enough for the bills, the mortgage and put a bit aside each month. My wife and I both work from home, I am in the IT field and she is an artist. My wife supplements her income by working at a really nice restaurant as a bartender like 20 hours a week. Once the pandemic hit, I had no problem working inside the safety of the HVAC in my house. And my wife could certainly do her art work from that same HVAC. But that supplemental income was gone and it would not be replaced. She tried to find some online gigs but just really didn’t have much luck. And they paid a fraction of what she made part time tending bar at a fancy restaurant. So we had to come up with a plan or empty our savings just to pay the mortgage. This led us to using the addition on our home as a studio apartment. Initially, we had built the addition for a studio for my wife. However, she never really took to it and it became a sort of storage area. All it lacked was HVAC because it had running water and a full bathroom. It didn’t take too much for us to fix this place up. The HVAC people came out to install a ductless HVAC unit and we were in business. Now we have a great renter and are making back much of the money we lost.


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