Small towns are so much better than big cities

I’ve always been a small town girl, from the time I was born up until now.

I always really liked living in a small town because everyone knows you, and you know everyone.

It’s almost like everyone is looking out for everyone else when you’re living in a small town like that. Not only that, but sometimes you get good deals because your family knows the family of the store owner or the owner of the plumbing company, garage, or HVAC company that you happen to be using. I remember having issues with our heating system one winter. The furnace wouldn’t work correctly, and we were having an exceptionally cold winter that year. I remember that the outdoor temperatures were around ten degrees at that point, and so we couldn’t exactly go without a working heating system for very long! I called up the local HVAC company. They were a family owned HVAC company and I had gone to school with the son. My dad had gone to school with the dad, and my grandpa had gone to school with the grandpa! That’s just the kind of town that we live in. I have to say that I really enjoyed the service that I got with that little HVAC company. They fixed my furnace up right away and they did a great job. I can’t say that the HVAC company that I’m using in the city where I live now is better than that. As a matter of fact, the HVAC company that I have to use here is just terrible and I hate having to call them at all.


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