I wanted an air cleaner.

My partner is a single of those people who constantly look for the worst.

When he first heard about the pandemic, he was a single of those people who were stocking up on toilet tissue, hand tissues, paper towels, cleaning supplies, and hand sanitizer.

I told him the two of us could actually open a store just with the things he had in our pantry. He wasn’t happy when I told him this, however his dirty look didn’t bother me. The next thing he did was to call the Heating plus A/C business. He wanted to have the oil furnace and a/c device ran tests on and to find out if they could install an air cleaner into our Heating plus A/C system. I was miserable now. I had been asking him to have an air cleaner installed for about 2 years, however he constantly said the expense was too high. Now that the pandemic was knocking at our doors, he didn’t seem to care about the expense anymore. He already had an air cleaner on order and the two of us were waiting for it to be installed. I was glad to have an air cleaner. The two of us live in the middle of the country and the odor of cow manure and pigs take over everything. I was hoping that with an air cleaner, the two of us wouldn’t have this problem this year. I never provided any thought to the plan that it could also help to keep germs, bacteria, and viruses out of the air in the house. I wondered if he could order us an air cleaner that the two of us could carry with us. Maybe the two of us could go back to doing our own shopping.

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