I hated working in my office.

When the pandemic hit and I was told I could work from home, I was thrilled.

We never had very good heating or air conditioning in our office building.

We had been told, at least once a year for the last five years, that the corporation was going to replace our tired, old HVAC system, but it never got done. When the pandemic started, the first thing they did was to give us permission to do our work from home. They were going to send us daily emails telling everyone what needed to be done. As long as we kept up with our work and kept to the deadline, we could continue to work this way. I had a brand new HVAC system at home, so I was thrilled. At that time, we were expected to get back to work by the end of April, that turned into May and before we knew it, a full year had passed. I had enjoyed excellent heating and air conditioning for the year, and we were now heading into the air conditioning season again. I had to admit that as much as I was enjoying my HVAC system and air purification, I was beginning to miss my coworkers. I missed having people to talk to and complain with when the work wasn’t what it should be. I hated working in the office a year ago, but I was suddenly wishing for the stale coffee that was in the machines. I even missed the lousy HVAC system in the building. It’s amazing the things you miss when you no longer have them.