I Needed Custom Ductwork

I purchased a particularly awesome townhome in one of my favorite cities; One of the things I loved about this townhome was the brick walls plus open ceilings with exposed pipes… The previous owners did a appealing task at redoing the site, however they were open about the lack of central heat plus air.

They only had a few window AC units for air plus there wasn’t any heat… After careful consideration plus a lot of compromise, both of us negotiated a price for the townhome that left me enough money to replace the heat plus air, i wanted to have central heat plus air added, however that required air duct.

I hired a few suppliers to come out plus supply me an estimate, however there were some roadblocks that I wasn’t anticipating. In order to install air duct, I had multiple options. I could reroute the pipes in the ceiling to make room for the air duct, or I’d have to have custom ducts made for the space. I considered the price of each option, however sadly they were about the same. It wasn’t cheap to reroute pipes plus custom ducts weren’t inextravagant either. Although it would cost a lot of money upfront, having central heat plus air in this townhome would make me know more comfortable plus it would increase the value of the house. After the new air duct was installed, I particularly loved the way it looked in the exposed ceiling with the existing pipes. It made my townhome look even more industrial than before!


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