The Air Quality Was Off In My Brother’s House

When I went to visit my brother, I noticed something was off with the air quality in his home.

At first, I assumed his thermostat was set to something odd and it was causing his HVAC system to run differently.

Normally, I wouldn’t comment on someone’s HVAC system in their own home because it can be rude, but since it was my brother, I didn’t mind. I asked him why his air quality felt off, and he admitted that he had noticed the same thing. He was glad I brought it up because he didn’t know if he was overanalyzing the situation. Since he works from home, he spends so much time in his house that he wasn’t sure if he was actually noticing a difference anymore. According to my brother, he had his HVAC system replaced 6 months prior, so he was confused at what was causing the poor air quality. He even replaced the air filter to ensure that the air was being properly cleaned before entering his home. I suggested that he contact an HVAC professional to figure out the problem, because the air quality would only get worse if he didn’t do something. My brother is stubborn though, and he said that he was going to try and solve the problem himself before contacting an HVAC professional. Even though I didn’t agree with this plan, I suggested that he research air purifiers in the meantime. A good air purifier would clean the air and hopefully regulate things.

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