I Was Going To Buy a Cheap HVAC System Because I Couldn't’ Afford Anything Else

However, he told me that they had several payment plan options to choose from.

When my HVAC system finally stopped running after a painful 6 months of high utility bills, I knew it was time to purchase a new HVAC system. I’d been putting a little money aside into savings for a new HVAC system, but I still didn’t have enough to pay it in full without draining my accounts. I wasn’t comfortable with this, but I also didn’t want to spend an entire summer without air conditioning. I spoke to an HVAC professional over the phone about purchasing their cheapest HVAC system available, but the HVAC professional suggested I buy something that would last longer and run efficiently, rather than something cheap just because that’s all I could afford at the moment. The HVAC professional understood my concern with paying for it, so he recommended that I apply for a payment plan with the company. When he first brought up the payment plan, I assumed it would be a high interest rate and I’d end up paying way more for the HVAC system in the long run. However, he told me that they had several payment plan options to choose from. They offered financing options with low interest rates and financing options with reasonable monthly payments with low interest rates. Once I filled out the application, a representative would reach out to me about which payment plan fit me best. A few weeks later, I had a brand new, top of the line HVAC system installed in my home and it was only going to take me a year to pay off.

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