Popular misconceptions about mini split air conditioner heating pumps

What is your favorite air conditioner, and what have you heard about it that is wrong? This is a question that every homeowner with an HVAC unit can quickly answer.

Many people have an unexplained fear when it comes to adopting air conditioning units. Some are surprised at how wrong they were before when they finally picked a heating and cooling unit that improves their quality of life. Such was the case with me when I had a mini-split air conditioner installed in my home. I held back from getting an HVAC system until I could not bear the hot summer weather a few years back. I had preferred insulating my walls and attic, but it did not work this time around. I called my HVAC technician for advice and ended up with a mini-split air conditioner that serves me perfectly five years on. Over time, I have had to debunk some of the most popular myths about this unit and confirmed that most of the misconceptions I had were mainly because of fear and ignorance. I discovered that these units are more expensive to run than oil or gas heat pumps. On the contrary, I have saved a lot of energy because it is effective, efficient, and easy to maintain. All one has to do is choose the right system for their region and work with reliable HVAC business experts to offer the original equipment. The other misconception was that these units harbor disease-causing organisms. This could not be further from the truth. It has a self-cleaning system that cannot sustain any buildup of bacteria or any other disease-causing microorganisms. These systems are great for new and existing buildings hence should not be ignored.


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