Too Much Humidity Brings Mildew and Mold

When I first moved into my new house, I discovered that it regularly felt as though it was too humid.

I kept no wet clothes in the home yet struggled with mold on the wall as well as a different mildewy smell.

I contemplated moving out, but this was not a viable opportunity at the time. When I discussed this with my sister, she proposed that I look into my air conditioner for potential solutions to the problem. Since she was not really sure with how this would work, I called my Heating and A/C professional to have a consultation. I discovered a few things from the expert, as well as I was willing to take his help. First, I found that the house’s a/c device could breathe in, so to speak, the warm air through its ductwork as well as then suck moist air out of the home through the cool evaporating coils. When this process happens, it then drains the condensed moisture to the outside. For some reason, my device failed at this, thus exposing myself and others to excessive humidity in the house. After a bit of deliberation, all of us agreed that my house’s air conditioner needed a bit of care before I could consider getting a dehumidifier. I put in new air filters, coils cleaned, as well as the fan speed adjusted to improve things. My Heating and A/C expert got me a thermal expansion valve after checking the refrigerant levels in the a/c. With a few respected expert services as well as close monitoring of the heating as well as cooling unit, I was able to beat the moisture problem. I got my home smelling fresh and clean.