Assisted Living Center Needs to Repair A/C

Visiting Grandma at the assisted living house was regularly fun because she longed to see us every time we went there.

Sadly, her condition got worse with each visit because she forgot things sometimes, as well as it was uneasy to guess that she would one day forget who all of us were… But before we reached that milestone, all of us were determined to ensure she got the most out of life.

Having lived for nearly 90 years, our grandma was amazing and all of us were grateful that she was still here on earth with us. Sadly, she was sick as well as did not want to burden the rest of us, so she refused to stay with us as well as ensured that all of us took her to the assisted living house. Either way, all of us chose the best for her. Her first few months at the facility were great, at least by what she told us every time all of us visited. However, this time around, we noticed Grandma seemed to sweat a lot as well as was generally uncomfortable. I thought it might be due to the medication she took that started to take a toll on her until I began to get a bit sweaty as well. The room was too warm for comfort. I had to call the attendant to turn up the air conditioner, but the a/c didn’t seem to get it any cooler in there. Something was definitely not right with the Heating and A/C, as well as the cooling method was not finally working. I walked down to the office as well as I got an assurance that something would be done to remedy the situation. I demanded a desk fan in the meantime to help keep the room more lovely. I believed that my granny would sleep better that evening as well as be less grumpy when next I visited since the a/c will be working better again.



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