New heating units for the childrens' home

I always enjoyed working with the less fortunate, especially children.

Working as a humanitarian has brought me so much fulfillment.

As a certified engineer, my work was to ensure that children’s homes around the country had a functioning heating and cooling system to establish that the children were living and learning in the right temperatures. We usually requested grants from other companies to finance the projects. We’d just gotten funding from one philanthropic company and we’re about to start the task of fitting an air conditioning system in the school. We had already assessed a couple of new heating units and settled on the zoned HVAC system as the most efficient and less costly unit. I contracted a cooling tech and purchased the heating equipment from the local cooling corporation then set out to start the installation process. After the ductwork was fitted, the duct sealing was done and fun kid paintings were stuck on the valves, concealing the grey covering. We had decided to put the heat pump on the outside but the furnace was placed in the furthest corner of the school. We also fitted a heater in the swimming pool area to warm up the changing rooms. Pamphlets explaining more about air conditioning were distributed to the building managers so they had an idea of the functions of the unit. A space heater was purchased and stored in the basement in the utility room to keep the janitors warm. Though the dual fuel system was a better unit, it was costly to install and thus ruled out. Future plans to install heated floors in the auditorium were made as we promised to follow up on the funding for that project. The kids at this home could now stay warm during the upcoming winter months.



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