Do you need any special tools?

I had been waiting for the Job Fair that they had every year.

Only the senior class was allowed to go, since the people there were looking for new hires immediately.

The reason my friend and I were anxious for the Job Fair was because we didn’t need to go to class. We were walking through the cafeteria and talking to everyone. I couldn’t believe how lame this was, and I almost wished I had stayed in class. I stood there watching one booth and everyone was laughing. I nudged my friend and told him we needed to go there next. We stood there listening to them talk, but it was more than a job push. I asked him if they had any special tools to do the job? He was showing me simple wrenches and screwdrivers like I used at home when I was helping dad. He asked what kind of things I helped with and if I enjoyed it. I had to admit that the best time I had at home was when dad and I were working together. I had a talent for working on electronics, washers, dryers, and even the refrigerator. He told me he thought I might enjoy being an HVAC technician. They both talked about the HVAC company and how long they had worked there. He gave me a pamphlet and told me that if I was interested, they would put me on part-time and let me go with the older HVAC techs. I couldn’t believe I was interested in HVAC as a career.

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