The HVAC technician was rude and discourteous

Every year before the first cold winter snap, my wife and I have a full system tune-up performed on our heat pump.

When my wife and I moved south, we rarely had to use the heat pump at all during the winter season.

Over the past 20 years, the weather patterns have changed and we have been forced to use the heat pump more and more frequently every winter. My wife and I started having a full system tune-up performed on the heat pump a couple of years ago. We felt strongly that the full system tune-up helped keep the bills lower in the winter. The two of us have had this heat pump tune-up performed every year since 10 years ago. On Tuesday, my wife and I scheduled an appointment to have the heat pump service performed. The young man that came to our home to perform the service was not a person that my wife and I easily recognized. My wife and I assumed that this service technician was new to the business. We politely introduced ourselves, but the heat pump service technician was rude and discourteous. He didn’t even shake my hand when I extended it. The guy barely said a word to either one of us while he was working on the tune up and he was in and out of our house in record time. My wife and I surely hope that he performed a thorough service even though he was in and out faster than anyone else in the past. If something goes wrong this winter, I know who we can blame.
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