I didn't realize the fireplace would need to be cleaned

My husband and I bought a house last year and it was the first time that either one of us had something that was just ours.

We lived in an apartment for a while and then we bought a condo. The condo was ours, but we had to share our yard and the street with other people. It never really felt like it was a home. Last year, my husband and I decided to buy a house. We outgrew the condo and the place was no longer big enough for our family of four. My husband and I searched a lot of different properties before we found the right place for our family. My husband and I were excited that the new house had a fireplace. We moved to the property shortly before the winter season began and we were excited to use the fireplace the first time that we had a cold snap. My husband was at work, but I stacked up some logs and some small pieces of wood to create a nice pyramid. I used a long match to light the small pieces of wood under the large logs. I had a small fire burning when I realized that the room was filling up with smoke. I opened the flu and most of the smoke left the room, but there was still a lot of soot and smoke in the room. I decided we should call a cleaning service to make sure that the chimney wasn’t clogged. It was a good idea, because there was a large buildup inside the chimney and that was the main reason why the room was filled with smoke.


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