I couldn’t believe how bad the gym HVAC was.

When you work as an HVAC technician, you see a lot of disgusting things. I am always going into someone’s home and the messes they make can be off-putting. I have been in homes that made your stomach turn from the smells and mess. I was in a house that was infested with fleas and the ductwork was filled with mice. I can’t even tell you what some people have put in their air vents, to hide what they had been doing. I had to go into one house where a hoarder lived. The house was so filled with ‘stuff’, that I couldn’t even find the furnace. One of the worst things I found in my job as an HVAC technician happened just recently. They called me to do some work at a local gym. They said their air quality was getting worse, and they had zones where the HVAC didn’t even reach. The woman on the phone told me that it was unusually humid in the house. Once I got there, I inspected and cleaned every part of the air conditioning unit. I had seen some disgusting things, but this was the worst. The only good thing about the AC unit was that it wasn’t in a home. I had to clean the entire AC ductwork system. There was gross mold and black mildew inside. I had never seen a more neglected HVAC system in my life. I was hoping that when I was done with the cleaning and scraping of mold, the crew would inform the clients they needed a good medical check-up.


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