I finally get my air ducts cleaned

I take keeping a really clean house very personally. Not sure exactly why but I do. Mainly, I want it to be clean for me. Chaos and disorganization are the bane of my existence. Throw filth on top of that pile and I’m looking for the exits. So, it’s always been important for me to have a clean place to live. Whether it was my childhood bedroom or this house, I wanted it clean. To do so means that I don’t spend a bunch of time on the couch under the HVAC sipping wine after work. Even with the help of my husband, there is always some sort of household duty to be seen to when I get home. So I was really surprised to learn that people have their air ducts cleaned. I’m talking the HVAC air ducts that travel throughout your house. When I heard this, I initially thought the person was playing with me because they knew I was a bit of a clean freak. I mean how was I supposed to access the HVAC ducts to clean them? That’s when my friend informed me that there was a entire industry dedicated to just duct cleaning. Once I knew this, of course I just had to get to get that done. But wow, I was not prepared to see just the amount of gunk that came out of my HVAC air ducts. The crew was great and got the entire job done in an afternoon. Then they even resealed all of the joints in the ductwork system. So not only are the ducts clean, we can expect added HVAC efficiency as well. I can tell you this, I won’t be waiting forever to have that done again.


HVAC professional