We don’t believe in cutting back with HVAC equipment maintenance

The past year has been completely brutal for all of us.

Those that have lost loved ones due to this pandemic are dealing with the most difficult problems.

Those that are healing from this virus easily need our thoughts and prayers. And then there are the rest of us. The bunch of us are those who are dealing with all the changes brought on by the alarming pandemic and its economic calamity. I have been forced to work from the HVAC comfort of my property. And I am one of the fortunate ones to be honest. There are so several who didn’t even have that option. My girls are also at the residence learning remotely in the HVAC of our place as well. While all of us are entirely fortunate to have come this far without health complications, there have been some very harsh economic times. It was truly the most overheated Summer in our residence last year in an effort to save on the HVAC utility costs. And I am thinking that this year will be a repeat pretty much. Both of us are still trying to get by with much less income. I’m hoping my spouse can get back to a part time working position and my normal salary will come back. But, I also can’t count on it either. So, all of us pretty much continue to be extremely careful with our spending. Both of us have cut out a wonderful deal from our common budget. However, one of the essentials we easily refuse to cut out is the HVAC service. This is the time of year all of us have the HVAC heat pump looked at by the professionals. And that is just too critical to cut from the budget. HVAC comfort and reliability are just overly important to our family to save a little cash on.
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