Cooling off this coming summer without spending too much

It’s never all that far from mind.

That’s because I know the heat and humidity will inevitably arrive just like it always does.

However, I do my best not to let that ruin this time of year. When you live in a region where big time heat is the main weather focus, the time it’s not hot is to be cherished. It’s just so nice to walk outside and not hear the incessant symphony of HVAC systems humming along. That’s the main sound track for this area during 8 or even 9 months of the year. So, I love this time of year and I revel in the fact that I can walk outside and not be covered in sweat. And yet, I know the heat is coming. So I also use this time of year to prepare for the eventuality. I start out by making sure the HVAC is ready to handle that big load that is coming with the summer heat. The HVAC technician comes out about now to give the heat pump a complete inspection and service. This is important on two levels. First, I want to be sure that the HVAC is ready to deal with the heat and won’t flake out in say the middle of July. Second, a well maintained HVAC unit will operate at its most efficient. And saving money in the summer is what it’s all about. I also make sure that all the weather stripping around all the doors are in good shape. The better the house is sealed the less the HVAC has to work.



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