Very unpredictable

The weather where I live is so unpredictable.

It is the middle of January & a single afternoon it is cold as ever, & then the next it is near 90 degrees & I am having to turn on my central a/c! It is genuinely insane.

I entirely do not like having to run my central heating a single afternoon & then my central the next afternoon… Running the central can cost more in energy than the central heating does to run. I do not think anywhere else in the world where the central heating plan is running a single afternoon & the central plan is running the next, then where I grew up both of us never had ridiculous weather like this. I grew up in the east & now I am living in the deep west. I genuinely do not like it here & i am entirely going to transfer out within the year. I would like to have a straight Wintertide with using central heating & a straight Summer using central Not having to use central most of the year when it is supposed to be frigid out! I just do not get the fact of how this is even possible however it is. If I had known about all of this before I moved to the deep west, I would not have ever moved here. That is the even-handed truth of the matter. But for now, I have to deal with this unpredictable weather of central heating a single afternoon & central the genuinely next afternoon. It stinks!

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