Very unpredictable

The weather where I live is so unpredictable. It is the middle of February and one day it is chilly as ever, and then the next it is near 90 degrees and I am having to turn on my central air conditioning system! It is really insane. I honestly do not like having to run my central heating one day and then my central air conditioning the next day. Running the central air conditioning can cost more in energy than the central heating does to run. I do not know anywhere else in the world where the central heating system is running one day and the central air conditioning system is running the next. Where I grew up we never had crazy weather like this. I grew up in the east and now I am living in the deep west. I really do not like it here and i am probably going to move out within the year. I would like to have a straight winter with using central heating and a straight summer using central air conditioning. Not having to use central air conditioning most of the year when it is supposed to be cold out! I just do not get the fact of how this is even possible but it is. If I had known about all of this before I moved to the deep west, I would not have ever moved here. That is the honest truth of the matter. But for now, I have to deal with this unpredictable weather of central heating one day and central air conditioning the very next day. It stinks!


HVAC professional