My brother provided out my contact information for my HVAC services

The other afternoon I got what seemed to be a random text from somebody asking me to help them out with their HVAC method in the building.

I didn’t suppose who it was, how they got my number, or where they were even located.

I asked them those questions and it turned out that it was my brother’s boss and he got the number from my brother. He told me where they were located and asked if I would be able to assist. He said he heard relaxing things from my brother about how good I was with working on HVAC systems and especially commercial HVAC systems; This was certainly tplot and I told the guy I would clear up my schedule and see what I could do to help out. I went over there to check everything out and I was able to get to the root of the problem rather quickly. I provided the boss an quote of what it would cost to have the HVAC method repaired and he agreed to it. Then I got to work. It took several hours to fix the HVAC method but I was giving these people a pretty relaxing deal for my services! By the time I was finished, the HVAC method was running smoothly and everybody was feeling comfortable in their working space again. I ended up telling my brother he should have told me that he provided out my contact information, I was not too content about that. I was able to get some company though so that was a relaxing thing. I expect they will call me up regularly for HVAC method repair.

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