My neighbor was throwing away perfectly good window A/C units

When I was going for my regular morning jog the other day, I noticed that my neighbor was throwing out his window A/C units.

  • I thought that was strange because they seemed like perfectly good window A/C units.

When I asked him what was wrong with them, he said there was nothing wrong with them at all. I gave him a strange look and then he explained further that he had a ductless mini split installed in his home, and he really didn’t need those window A/C units any longer. While I could understand the fact that he didn’t need them any longer, I told him he should probably consider keeping them in storage in case of an emergency HVAC system break down. He said he probably would never need them as a backup because it was a new HVAC system he had after all and he would get regular HVAC system maintenance. I wasn’t going to sit there and argue with him about needing back up cooling systems, so I just shrugged and carried on with my jog. I ended up telling friends and family about the window A/C units that were on the curb ready to go for the trash. I told everybody they should think about picking up the window A/C units because they were in perfectly good condition. One of my nephews said that he wanted them and he rushed over to get them. I ended up helping him load his truck with the window A/C units and he was so thankful because he didn’t have a good cooling system in his apartment.


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