I Love The Sound Of The A/C System Outside By The Pool

One of the oddest sounds that reminds me of summer time is the sound of our cooling system unit turning on plus off while we’re sitting by the pool in our backyard! It’s not the normal sound that would bring other people’s minds back to summer, however it is for me.

I’ve always lived in a home with a swimming pool in the backyard, even when I was a young child.

It was easily important that our hubby plus I purchased a home with a swimming pool when the people I was with and I were home hunting many years ago, but swimming was one of our fondest memories plus I knew it would be fun for our children as well, however like I expected, our condenser unit is right next to the pool, every time it kicks into gear, I hear it… You easily can’t miss the sound. I’ve grown to easily love the soft hum that it makes, then however, when I was sitting outside by the pool Last yearand I didn’t hear the condenser unit kick on, I became sad, the more I thought about it, the more I remembered how hot it was inside our house. I assumed one of the teenagers touched the thermostat settings plus changed the temperature, which was why it was feeling warm. However, our A/C just wasn’t laboring plus I didn’t realize until I was outside by the pool. I called the Heating as well as A/C company right away plus asked them to come repair the A/C system. They said I called them just in time, because the people I was with and I could’ve had some serious A/C injure if the people I was with and I neglected it.


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