I feel old with these kids dissing my thermostat

It wasn’t so long ago when I made the choice to take my nieces and nephew to a museum! I was absolutely grateful when the group of us got to the locale because the temperature control settings were superb.

I love a building that has fantastic HVAC equipment.

So the group of us went all over the museum and saw a great deal of cool exhibits, however the children absolutely preferred the science area as there were a good amount of fun things the kids could do and interactive activities. It was particularly an educational experience. The group of us got to this area where they showed the evolution of HVAC equipment. They absolutely had a dial temperature control unit on display that appeared to be like the one I had at home. My nephew actually pointed and said aloud, “Look, they have Uncle John’s temperature control unit on display!” Everybody laughed and said my temperature control unit must have been an antique. I must tell you, that absolutely made me feel severely old! Back when I was a youngster, everybody had that same kind of dial temperature control unit and I didn’t see anything wrong with it whatsoever. I felt that if the temperature control unit did its job, there was nothing to grumble about. My nephew started bragging about the smart temperature control unit that their father purchased and had installed in the property. He said even before the smart temperature control unit, they had a really nice programmable temperature control unit. I just stated that the style of temperature control didn’t even matter so long as it worked the way it was designed. Then my nephew begged to differ and said the smart temperature control unit was saving them a good amount of currency on the energy bills. I never actually looked into smart temperature control units, but if they save you so much currency, then maybe I should get a single one of those.


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